Large and Custom Wall Murals and Wallpapers

I have always been a fan of peel and stick wall murals and patterned wallpapers. After all, walls deserve some love.

Lately I have noticed use of wallpapers and murals featuring large leaves and floral element; vastly different from what I have been traditionally seeing.

large flowers adorn dark walls of contemporary bedroom

Large banana leaves and a prominent these days

Watercolor banana leaf wall mural

Banana leaf wallpaper

It need not always resemble paintings. A line work showing abstract leaves and flowers work too.

line work showing abstract leaves and flowers work

abstract leaves and flowers wallpaper

Some wallpaper design companies provide you with a custom wall mural of classical paintings, like this Almond Branches mural.

Almond Branches Mural Van Gogh

Wall murals and decor need not be flat. These sculpted trees, for example, look awesome.

Sculpted trees as wall murals

Sculpted tree and tromp loiel mural

Artistic bas-relief